Wellington Deerstalkers

New Zealand Deerstalkers membership comes with a number of benefits. By applying you join both the Wellington Branch and NZDA Association Inc.


Depending on your background to hunting and time spent living in Wellington, here are some reasons to join the club no matter what stage you are at in your hunting career:

Are you a new hunter?

Are you new to Wellington?

Are you an experienced hunter?

Meet hunters of different levels of experience who can share knowledge of hunting, the outdoors, and firearm handling and safety. 

Learn basic hunting skills on the HUNTs course (link)

Grow as a hunter on club hunts with the guidance of experienced hunters

Meet life-long hunting friends

Get help at the rifle range with sighting in or mounting your optics

Meet like-minded local hunters and outdoors-people

Share hunting spots and organised trips with local hunters

Stay up to date and become involved with ongoing issues affecting hunting and hunters in New Zealand

Give back to the sport by sharing knowledge and experience with younger and new hunters

Access to the branch and national antler, horn and tusk competitions, and photographic competitions

Use your skills and experience to contribute to the running of the branch



The process to join:

  1. Click the 'Apply Now' button. You will be taken to the NZDA National application portal.
  2. Fill out the online form. You can only submit a form if you are a 'new' member. If you have previously been a NZDA member (of any Branch) or are paying your annual renewal fee, you need to email National office directly to re-activate your membership or request an invoice.
  3. Nominate your membership type. However, we need to speak to you and confirm your selection during your application's processing. If in doubt select 'Senior'.
  4. On submitting your application you will be taken to the NZDA Facebook page. (Note: you are not sent an email or other pop-up acknowledgment but, do not worry, we have your form.)
  5. Any questions or concerns, send us an email.
  6. Next, our membership officer will give you a call or email inviting you to our next Club Night. Please come along and meet our members and Committee. 
  7. Your membership application needs to be fully completed, and so we may ask for supplementary information.
  8. Your application must be approved at our next Committee Meeting. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. This means that there may be a delay in confirming your membership based on the date that you apply.
  9. Once approved by the Committee we notify the National Office. Then you will be issued an invoice for payment.
  10. On payment of your invoice you are officially a member and will be issued with your personal membership card.


As a member you are entitled to many benefits:

  • Membership card (with 10%-15% discounts at most retailers, see National Website for full terms)
  • Information about hunting issues, via notices and emails
  • Personal liability insurance up to $10 million cover, including $1 million rural fires extension, when out hunting
  • NZDA employees advocating to protect your hunting interests
  • Hunting & Wildlife magazine (digital copy)
  • Affiliation with COLFO (Council of Licenced Firearm Owners) the firearm advocates for firearm rights
  • Branch competitions - Held September
  • Access to National competitions - trophy heads and photography - Held July
  • Subsidised 'club hunts' or 'organised hunts'
  • HUNTs training courses (hunting skills)
  • Rifle range with shooting distances 25m, 50m, 100m, and 200m
  • Range shooting competitions, known as 'shoots'
  • Monthly club nights with a variety of interesting speakers
  • All members receive our branch newsletter monthly
  • Discount on DOC hut passes and annual hut passes. Free nights at Cattle Ridge Hut and Roaring Stag Hut/Lodge (as they are maintained by the Branch)
  • Other Branch network benefits available at other Branches and their facilities
  • National Conference and AGM
  • Free Branch branded 'swag' or 'merchandise', including stickers and T-shirts 

If you are interested, contact us or come along to one of the club nights for a chat.

New Zealand Deerstalkers offers a number of different membership types. See the table below for details:

  • Full benefits at national and branch level
  • Hunting and Wildlife magazine
  • Branch newsletter
  • Eligible to enter national and branch competitions
  • Eligible to join committees 
  • includes liability insurance

FAMILY MEMBERS: You can also add your family members to your membership for $5.00 per family member.

  • Must be attached to 'primary' member, i.e. senior member
  • Children must be under 18 years of age at the beginning of the financial year
  • Each family members receives a personal membership card
  • Includes hunting liability insurance
  • As per above. Must be under 18 years of age as at 1 March. Full benefits apart from voting rights
  • Membership type not available at Wellington Branch.
AFFILIATE ('Friend of Branch') 
  • As per senior. Must be a full member of another branch. Must produce membership card as proof
  • As per senior. Must be attending a tertiary institute or undergoing an apprenticeship. Proof must be provided
  • Over 65 years old as at 1 March. Full benefits, as per senior



Club Night - Non-members are very welcome

Club Nights

Held every second Tuesday of the month, except January and April.

Doors are open from 6.30pm. From 7:00pm onward BBQ, Drinks, Tea and Coffee provided.

Formal proceedings and presentations commence 8:00pm sharp.