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Range Standing Orders and Firearm Safety Code

Please read the Range Standing Orders
Please apply the 7 Firearms Safety Rules

Hume Range | Certified Shooting Range

Range Standing Orders (RSOs)

Prior to coming onto the range, you must read the RSOs (downloaded above).

We operate the Hume Range, a Police certified shooting range, as a certified shooting club.

The rifle range is for Wellington and Porirua branch members and their supervised guests only. It is not currently available to members of the public. If you want to use our range, please join the club.

The range is open from 9am to 2pm most Sundays.

The range can only be open only whilst a NZDA Range Officer is in attendance. The Range Officer is a Wellington Branch member who is responsible for the safe running of the range.

All users of the range must follow the instructions of the Range Officer. The Range Officer has the power to instruct a person to leave the range.

The range is open on Sundays only. The range is open for use between October to July. The range is closed during the months of August and September.

Competition shoots are held on the third Sunday of each month generally, but please refer to the Range Card for the relevant competition year.

Finding the range:

  • Refer to the map below for location
  • When driving you will see at the entry to the farm on the left hand side a white sign with red 'NZDA' wording, this is the entry to the farm. Sometimes the gate is shut because stock is in the first paddock. Please shut the gate behind you
  • Follow the gravel road past the yards and you will find the range hut.

Range Etiquette

On arrival please:

  • Introduce yourself to the Duty Range Officer.
  • Enter your name in the Range Book.
  • Pay the range fee prior to shooting.

In dry conditions you can park beside the firing mound, but in wet conditions vehicles must be parked either on the hill above the range hut or before the gate beside the cattle yards.

No dogs are allowed on site (this includes those left in vehicles). The reason for this it is a working farm with sheep and cattle.

Please respect that the range is a working farm and private property. Pay attention to the location of stock, on or adjacent to the range. Where necessary all shooting must cease until the animals have been moved to a safe location.

No alcohol may be consumed whilst the range is in operation.

All instructions of the Range officer must be followed without question.

Range Fees

The range fees are:

  • $3 for Wellington and Porirua Branch members
  • $10 for guests of a Branch Member or a member of another NZDA branch.

Targets are supplied and are free and are included in your range fee.

The range is open for sporting and hunting rifles generally, which means it is authorised for the use of:

  • single-shot and bolt action centre fire and rimfire
  • semi automatic rimfire
  • centre fire rifles are to be single shot loaded in magazine only. The reason for this is rapid fire is not appreciated on the range by residents or other range users

Important: Currently, pistols and full-automatic weapons are prohibited. Legally compliant semi-automatic centre fires can be used but please make sure you are certain your rifle is not prohibited. You may be asked to stop using it by the Range Officer and that instruction must be followed.

Targets may only be placed at the designated butt locations:

  • 25m - Centrefire and Rimfire
  • 50m - Rimfire only
  • 100m - Centrefire and Rimfire
  • Running Boar – Rimfire only
  • 200m - If you wish to shoot at 200m please discuss with the Duty Range Officer. It may be opened from 12.00pm onwards, and all other ranges must close while the 200m is in use. Prior to the commencement of shooting at 200m, all other ranges, with the exception of the Running Boar, and all danger areas must be cleared.

Range Officer Duties

The Duty Range Officer is to:

  • Apply the Range Standing Orders at all times.
  • Ensure that the Range Flag(s) has been raised prior to shooting commencing.
  • Personally supervise or delegate the supervision of all shooting activity on the range.
  • Ensure that the shooters are properly lined up. This is to ensure safety and avoid shooters being affected by muzzle blast.
  • Ensure that all shooters and observers on the mound use adequate ear protection
  • Open and Close the range to allow shooters to progress forward to their targets
  • Ensure that all firing has ceased prior to lowering the Range Flag at the conclusion of shooting, and that targets/frames are cleared away by the shooters

Firing Position and General Safety

  • Read, understand and follow the Range Standing Orders, it is your obligation as a range user.
  • Abide by all firearm rules and safety guidelines.
  • Rifles are to point downrange at all times.
  • No rifles may be handled while people are forward of the mound.
  • No rifle may be loaded until the command has been given by the Duty Range Officer.

Range Location

Club Night - Non-members are very welcome

Club Nights

Held every second Tuesday of the month, except January and April.

Doors are open from 6.30pm. From 7:00pm onward BBQ, Drinks, Tea and Coffee provided.

Formal proceedings and presentations commence 8:00pm sharp.